Thought Leaders: With Ope Onibokun, Head of Project Finance, ARISE Ports & Logistics

June 06, 2020 - Puttru’s Thought Leaders Series brings to you the voices shaping Africa’s energy market.

Listen to Ope Onibokun share his experience on how to navigate the challenges of investing in infrastructure in Africa.

Ope is an Investment Specialist with a track record of raising  capital  for large scale infrastructure projects, mobilising about US$2 billion for projects on the Africa continent. His area of expertise covers ports, transportation, logistics, telecom and energy.

He believes that Africa currently presents a more attractive market, compared to anywhere else in the world. One of his reasons being that the continent is one of the few regions currently experiencing high yield, despite the downturn in other regions.

His top picks for sectors posed to attract the most capital are: ICT, logistics and the manufacturing sector, with tech-enabled companies easing the process.

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About Thought Leaders

Puttru’s Thought Leaders series brings to you the voices shaping Africa’s energy market. They will share with you their in-depth knowledge of a market that has been considered “difficult”.

Get to know these professionals on a personal level.

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About the author

Monica Maduekwe is the Founder of Puttru. She has several years of experience promoting investment in West Africa's clean energy market. She contributed to the development of the ECOWAS Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policies and conceptualized the formulation of the ECOWAS Policy for Gender Mainstreaming in Energy Access.


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